Unabridged Birth Certificates

Assistance with handing in applications for Unabridged Birth certificates. We offer moderating of the process at head office and authorisation to print the Unabridged Birth certificate will be sent through. Collection of the Unabridged Birth certificate from Home affairs. We also assist in cases where application for your unabridged birth certificates have already been submitted. We are able to have the process expedited and authorisation to print sent to the branch of application. You will be notified by sms to collect your printed Unabridged Birth certificate. The basic principles of our service is to enable you to avoid waiting in long queues at Home Affairs when submitting and collecting the unabridged birth certificate as well as expediting the entire process.

Urgent Unabridged Birth certificates needed for travel

We offer an urgent expediting service of Unabridged Birth certificates needed for travel.

you will need to make a submission at a local branch of home affairs and ensure that your application is captured on the system (you can check by calling the Home affairs call centre). Once lodged and captured we can assist in having the application processed at head office and authorisation to print your certificate sent to the branch of application ( see below assistance with existing applications )

We offer 2 services in this regard:

We offer a within 5 working day service for extreme urgent applications

We offer a 7 to 15 working day service for less extreme cases at a cheaper rate

Have More time and don't wish to queue at Home Affairs!

Please see below under NEW APPLCIATIONS.



 What is an Unabridged Birth Certificates?

Unabridged birth certificates contain the name and id number and place of birth of the holder as well asthe full names, ID numbers and places of birth of the holder's parents. An Unabridged Birth Certificate is the document that is the key to showing one's lineage and is the document that is required by all embassies, consulates and other officials for proving one's lineage. 

Unabridged Birth Certificates

If you reading this then you will most probably be aware that Home affairs are saying that they are taking approximately 12 weeks to issue Unabridged Birth Certificates. In reality it can take as long as 6 to 12 months.

We offer a service in which we expedite the process involved with acquiring an Unabridged Birth certificate for you. We can lodge an application for the Unabridged Birth certificate on your behalf and have the process expedited or we can assist you if you have already lodged an application at a local branch of Home Affairs. We can process your Unabridged Birth Certificates for you.

Do not delay your plans, due to bureaucracy, we will cut through the red tape for you!

Contact us today in order to have your Unabridged Birth Certificates urgently processed!  

Unabridged birth certificates

New Applications for Unabridged Birth Certificates:

Applying for your Unabridged Birth Certificate has never been easier, all you will need to do is complete the DHA 154  form in full, scan it and send it back to us at certificates@telkomsa.net .

We will also need you to sign a power of attorney form to enable us to make the submission on your behalf.

Save yourself many hours of unpleasantness! Avoid standing in queues that often exit the building and in some instances stretch around the block. Why wait for hours only to be told the system is offline and have to do it again the following day. We will have the application for your Unabridged Birth certificate submitted at a local branch of Home Affairs on your behalf!

We will send the form off to our contact at the head office of the Ministry of Home Affairs to have the application processed and authorisation to print sent though to the local branch, This is the part of the process that causes the biggest delays if left without intervention .

Avoid having to return to the oppressive queues and wait hours just to collect your certificates when they are ready, we will also collect the certificate on your behalf.

The process takes on average 3 to 5 week

We also offer to courier the certificates  to your home or office when they are ready.

The entire process can be done from the comfort of where you are sitting write now, to begin complete the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Assistance with existing applications for Unabridged Birth Certificates:

This service is offered to people who have already submitted their application for an unabridged birth certificate at their local home affairs branch and are not in a position to wait or for people who  are experiencing difficulties in completing the process. We can assist you by having these applications for Unabridged Birth Certificates expedited.

All you need to do is complete the DHA 154 form and mail it back to us along with the proof of payment.

We will send the form off to our contact at Head office, who will locate the file pertaining to your application, moderate it on the Home Affairs system and have  authorisation to print the your Unabridged Birth certificate sent to the local branch where the application was made. You will receive an sms informing you that your Unabridged Birth Certificates are ready for collection. This is the part of the process where the delays are caused if the process was to be left to run its course without our intervention.



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