Vault Copy of birth registration

Vault Copy Of Birth registration

This is a copy of the original registration form completed by your Parent's when your birth was registered.

It is stored in the vault at Archives in Home Affairs, hence the name Vault copy.

It is a photo copy of the original, which is both stamped and signed by the Home Affairs Officer

This document is required by both the British Passport and Visa offices and must accompany the Unabridged Birth certificate when applying for First time British Passports or Ancestral Visas.

It is also required by many Embassies for immigration purposes. Chat to your immigration professional to see if you are required to have a Vault copy.


How to Apply

Applying for you Vault copy is easy.

Print the Birth certificate application form( DHA154)

Tick the Vault copy option box

Complete it in full, scan and mail it to us at

How Long does it take

Vault copies can take Home affairs anything from 2 months to 2 years, depending on when the file can be located.

We are now able to get the Vault copy of Birth registration in just 2 weeks. Contact us today to explore this possibility further.


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