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We are a family owned and run business established in 1997. The business started as a Visa procurement service and grew from there by adding value added services required by our clients. A simple policy of never say not and a positive approach allowed us to grow into an integrated, holistic service provider


We are an online business which offers an efficient, reliable and trustworthy service.

About the owners:

Dean Beifus (BA Hon)

I have been involved in document procurement since 1997 . I have a BA Hons Degree in Psychology and a Bachelors Degree with Majors in Private Law and communications


Tanya Beifus Nee Shaw (BA ed)

Tanya is an expert in communication, logistics and




We are a document procurement company that works in support of people who are planning on immigrating abroad. We assist people in reaching their goals of starting a new life.

We also assist many ex patriots of South Africa around the world and are a vital link to their Homeland.



Experts in expediting


Please contact us on 0829730454 or mail certificates@telkomsa.net more information.

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