UK Citizenship applications through a British Mother

British Citizenship Application through a British mother

People born to a British Mother before 1983

Unfortunately only people born to a British Mother after 1983 qualify automatically for a British Passport; however those born before 1983 have the right to apply to become British Citizens.

Upon being sworn in as a British Citizen, you will be issued with a Citizenship certificate, which can be sent off for a British Passport application.

How long does it take

Upon receipt of the application the Home Office will take about 3 to 6 months to process the application and send notification of where the swearing in ceremony will take place.

What does it cost

The fee for this application used to be 540 Pounds; luckily the Home office in their infinite wisdom has decided to do away with this exorbitant fee. There is however a fee of 80 Pounds to cover the swearing in fee. This needs to be paid by means of credit card form, which must accompany the application.


What you can expect:

We will send you the necessary forms and guidelines

We will assist you with any queries while you are completing the forms

We will advise you on all required documents for a successful application

We will advise you regarding the required referees

We will compile a successful application for you

We will courier the application for you to the Home office and provide you with a tracking number.

The Home office will communicate with you regarding the acceptance of the application and advise on the location of the swearing in ceremony.

The Ceremony will take place at a designated time usually at the closest British Consulate.

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