Unabridged Marriage Certificates

Assistance with handing in applications for Unabridged Marriage certificates. We offer moderating of the process at head office and authorisation to print the Unabridged Marriage certificate will be sent through. Collection of the Unabridged Marriage certificate from Home affairs. We also assist in cases where application for your unabridged Marriage certificates have already been submitted. We are able to have the process expedited and authorisation to print sent to the branch of application. You will be notified by sms to collect your printed Unabridged Marriage certificate. The basic principles of our service is to enable you to avoid waiting in long queues at Home Affairs when submitting and collecting the unabridged Marriage certificate as well as expediting the entire process.



What is an Unabridged Marriage Certificate?

An Unabridged Marriage certificate shows the married couples names, ID numbers and places of birth. It also includes the particulars of the marriage such as the date, place and the particulars of the marriage officer.

This is the document required by all Embassies, consulates and High Commissions for immigration, Passport and business purposes.


We are able to expedite a very long and tedious process if a couple is armed with their Marriage register (dha30)

With this document we can get an unabridged marriage certificate in as little as 7 working days.

Couples married after 2010 were automatically given this document on their wedding days, those married before this date can request a copy of this document from their marriage officer. Older versions of the document were referred to as a BI30 marriage register.

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We can assist you if you have already lodged an application at a local branch of Home Affairs for your unabridged marriage certificate.

We can have the certificate issued in 3 to 5 weeks

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Unabridged Marriage Certificate

New Applications: 

Should you not be in possession of the marriage register, we are still able to assist In having the process completed in about 3 to 5 weeks. It is important to note here that Home affairs assertion of processing the certificate in 8 weeks is impossible for them to achieve and in reality can take them 6 to 12 months.

You can apply through us right now sitting at your PC. Apply for your Unabridged Marriage Certificate by completing the  BI 130  form in full, scan it and send it back to us at certificates@telkomsa.net .

We will also need you to sign a power of attorney form to enable us to make the submission on your behalf.

Save yourself many hours of unpleasantness, standing in queues to submit and collect again and avoid delaying your plans by a year .

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The difference between an Unabridged Marriage certificate and an Abridged Marriage certificate

Many people ask the above question and I am going to set down in a short article below the major differences.
The first, most salient and major difference is an Unabridged Marriage certificate is headed in bold at the top of the certificate as an Unabridged Marriage certificate whereas the abridged simply states Marriage certificate.

An Abridged version whose name translates as a shortened version of a Marriage certificate is printed straight away at Home Affairs, one needs to just go to Home affairs complete a form and in return will be given an abridged marriage certificate. This is the reason that this version of the certificate holds little value.

A major difference between an Unabridged Marriage certificate and the abridged version is the application process itself, as stated above one can simply have the abridged printed straight away at home affairs where as an Unabridged version follows the below application procedure:

When a couple gets married in a civil union they sign a dha30 Marriage registrar, this document is also completed and signed by both the witnesses to the marriage as well as the Marriage Officer. The document also has the couples thumb prints and coloured photographs on it. It is the duty of the marriage officer to submit a copy of this document at Home affairs and duly register the couple’s marriage, whose status’ will change accordingly on the marriage and population registers

When applying for an unabridged marriage certificate, a dha130 application form is submitted at Home affairs and captured onto the system. The DHA130 Application form is sent to Head Office electronically, the moderator whose job it is to verify all the information on the application form as true does this by requesting a copy of the marriage register from archives and cross reference checks the information on the form against that contained in the marriage register. Once the moderator is satisfied that all information is correct, they will send an authorisation to print the Unabridged Marriage certificate back to the branch of application and the applicant will be notified to collect their Unabridged Marriage certificate.

The most pertinent difference between these documents is the Unabridged Marriage certificate due to the stringent checks in place is the document requested by Foreign Consulates, Embassies and High commissions for purposes of immigration, visas, work permits and foreign marriage registrations. The Unabridged Marriage certificate is the only version of a Marriage certificate that can be Authenticated or legalised at the Department of Foreign Affairs more commonly referred to as DIRCO. DIRCO is able to authenticate the unabridged marriage certificate as it has on file all designation numbers and signatures of every certificate signing authority employed by the department of Home Affairs. It is also important to note here that only the unabridged marriage certificate is armed with the name, signature and designation number of the issuing officer.

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