British Passport Renewals

All assistance offered on British Passport Renewals and all pieces of advice are provided to the first-time applicants for UK Passports and its requirements.

British Passport Renewals

UK Passport Renewals

The entire process can be done from the comfort of your home or office.

We will send you the necessary forms for the application, you will need to complete only the 1st 2 pages as these are only for our office use, to allow us to garner the information required to submit the online renewal application,

Once we have lodged and paid for the application online with Her Majesty's Passport Office, we will send you the declaration form pertaining to your specific application.

We will consult on all the necessary documentation required for your application as well as the entire process from start to finish and are always available to answer any questions relating to the process.

We will send a courier to collect the documents from your home or office and will ensure that all is in perfect order before sending the application off to Her Majesty's Passport Office in Durham in order to avoid unnecessary delays


Due to the fact that we are dealing with sensitive documentation and information we only use courier services and can track the package in transit and provide a proof of delivery.

We are able to track the status of the application for you throughout the process


Lost or Stolen Passport replacements

FormLS01 must be completed and a police report attached to the passport application form.

We will assist in notifying the British High Commission about the lost passport. 

Delivery back to you

Your passport and supporting documents will be dispatched to you from Her Majesty's Passport Office. Both shipments are handled by DHL Worldwide.

Issue delay

Her Majesty's Passport request 4 to 6 weeks to process the renewal upon receipt of the application, however when they are not too busy they process the passports in a couple of weeks.

First time applicants for British Passports

As with all applications concerning nationality, one has to prove that they qualify through their own birth or their lineage.

Please contact us to set up an appointment for a consultation in which we will let you know exactly what is needed to make a successful application for a first time application. We can consult electronically via email, telephone calls etc for people outside the Gauteng area.

The British Nationality Act that governs who is eligible for a Passport is a large and complex set of laws.

Below are a few of the most common:

A person born in the UK to British Parents

A person who has a father born in Britain can apply, as long as he was married to their mother at any point. This does not apply to people born after 2006 though as their Father need not have been married to their Mother at any point.

A person who has a Mother born in Britain and they themselves  were born after 1983 can also apply

A person who has a Mother born in Britain and they themselves  were born before 1983 can apply for British Citizenship using form UKM. Upon being awarded citizenship and being sworn in at a swearing in ceremony,  an application for a British Passport can be made. Contact us should you require info regarding this.

British Passport Eligibility

"Do I qualify for a British Passport?"

Complete the form with your information and we will advise if you qualify for a British Passport. 



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