Police clearances



South African Police clearances

South Africans that reside, travel and work abroad required police clearance certificates for the purposes related to securing employment, residence permission and court requirements. Due to this the South African police service (SAPS) provides the service to the individuals who are in need of the police clearances. The SAPS has established a criminal record center who provides confirmation on the criminal status for those working abroad or also for the emigration purposes. The certificate will state the details that whether any criminal offenses are recorded against the person or not.

The police clearance certificate will be issued when the applicant provides his/her fingerprints to the nearest police station where they will be analyzed to check for the criminal record.  The issuing of a clearance certificate is a personal matter and is the sole responsibility of the SAPS criminal record Centre in Pretoria.

How to apply for the South African Police clearance:

  • Applicants who want the police clearance certificate are required to send their request or applications to the SAPS criminal record Centre in Pretoria.

  • If the applicant is not from the South Africa or reside abroad than he must send his application through the reputable courier company.

  • The applicant will further need to provide his/her full set of fingerprints, taken the nearby police station.

  • The applicant needs to provide all the details with the application form, including the full name, date of birth, surname, place of birth, ID number.

  • The Applicant also needs to accompany some documents with the application form which includes the copy of passport and copy of ID card.

  •  Once the process is completed the SAPS will provide a reference number indicating that the application was received successfully. The applicant can than check the status of his Police clearance certificate by using the reference number on the SAPS website.