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British Passport renewal

British Passport Renewal

The procedure of British passport renewal can be done online. A British National requires renewal of their passport in certain conditions. It is necessary for the British Nationals residing abroad, to get consultation with an agent. The British Government Official Website also describes the conditions in which a new passport must be applied.


Every passport has a validity period. A date is mentioned on the passport to which it is acceptable for travelling purposes. After that date, it is mandatory for a person to apply for a new passport. For British Nationals residing outside of the UK, it is advisable to seek assistance from an agent.

In the case of a child passport, the rules are slightly different. The website can provide complete information about the process.

Missing Or Stolen Passport

If a British National found out that his/her passport is missing or stolen, they will also have to apply for a new passport. It should be mentioned in the application that the passport was missing or stolen. For further assistance and information the website can provide full assistance to complete the process.

How To Renew A British Passpost

The procedure of renewing a British passport can start online. An application form has to be filled with all the complete information and documentation. The Application is then printed and signed by the applicant. The application is then sent to Her Majesty’s passport Office in the UK. Once it gets the approval by Her Majesty’s Office, the new passport will be delivered back to the applicant. 


The passport fees should be paid online through a bank card which is viable internationally.

Guidance and Safety

For British Nationals Abroad, the best way to renew their passport is by getting help from a professional agent. Their help will save them the trouble of getting late, or rejected in case of incomplete or inappropriate documentation. The guidance should be followed very carefully, so as to avoid any kind of delay.

How Long It Takes

It usually takes six weeks to process a renewal of a British passport, after the approval of Her Majesty’s office. However there could be a delay if the office is busy due to some reason.

There could also be a delay if the documents are not sufficient or inappropriate, in which case, a letter is sent to the applicant to respond back in the given time of six weeks, if the recipient fails to respond back on time. The application will be cancelled and the fees won’t be refunded.

It is therefore advised to seek a professional’s help in the immigration procedures.

Emergency Travelling

A British national, whose passport is still in the renewal process and has to travel for any urgent or inevitable reason, he/she must apply for an emergency travelling document. The travelling document can only be issued by the British High Commission. The Website can provide all the information and assistance on the procedure. They can help you in the most appropriate way.