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English Language skills test


English language is the international language what would we do without it. People can complain until the cows come home that they must learn English, and about how insane the spelling rules (or lack of them) are; but, the simple fact is that English is the international language. If you want to be a competitive job-seeker in this increasingly globalized world, you've got to have English skills.

The numbers of English-language learners worldwide are impressive; and the numbers grow daily, because when someone graduates from schools, many continue to learn English in order to obtain a good job, or obtain a promotion within their company.

Because of this huge market, there is a niche for standardized testing. Level tests, formative tests, summative tests, are all needed, with international standards. Perhaps you've heard of some of these exams: IELTS, CIPP, Checkpoint, IGCSE, TOEIC, TOEFL, and CAPE.

When immigrating to a foreign country, one is faced with new customs and languages. In some country like Canada and UK, new immigrants applying as a "skilled immigrant" are required to pass either an English or French language test. French tests are mandatory for those immigrating to the province of Quebec. Learning to speak and read English is essential and mandatory in UK because businesses and services are provided using the English language. This includes such areas as hospitals, retail businesses, emergency services etc. Skilled workers are chosen as permanent residents of Canada on the basis of their education, work experience, knowledge of English, work experience, age, whether they have arranged employment in Canada, number of dependents, and other factors that prove that they have the ability to maintain economical stability.

When immigrating to UK you are required to prove your English language skills by taking a language proficiency test. By taking the IELTS Test (International English Language Testing System) new immigrants will see how many points they will receive for the language section of the test. If the score in the language test is between 7.0 and 9.0, then four immigration points are awarded for that part of the test. Immigration points are awarded for each individual part and then totaled. If the score is within 5.0 to 6.9, two immigration points are awarded. If the score is less than 5.0, no immigration points are awarded for that section. The test is designed for people who intend to study or work where English is the communication language.

The IELTS is used all over the world to measure the ability of a person to communicate in English. IELTS measures the ability to communicate in English in the four language skills that includes listening, reading, writing, and speaking. More than 6,000 education institutions, government agencies, faculties, and professional organisations recognize IELTS scores as an honest assessment of one's ability to communicate in English. As one of the fastest growing English language tests in the world, the IELTS is taken every year by millions of people across 120 countries.

There are so many English language tests out in the market at the moment that it can be hard to choose the one that is best for you. English Language Proficiency Index Test-General, Assesses proficiency levels of general reading and writing skills. Results are accepted by Citizenship and Immigration for immigration points. It is also appropriate for certain post-secondary and employment training programs where practical reading and writing skills are required.

The process of taking the English language tests involves the following steps:

  • Make arrangements with an approved testing organization

  • Pay for the cost of testing.

  • Include the results of your test with the immigration application.

  • The CIC will use the test results as proof of your language skills.

  • Language test results are valid for one year from the date that the test was taken.

The rules for applying for immigration as a skilled worker to Canada can change, so before you apply, make sure you check the current application procedures and most recent selection standards. Once you have all your papers in order, you can prepare for your new life in a warm and welcoming country.

Many companies that usually do business internationally, have always tested potential employees to determine their ability in the English language. In some cases these tests are created by the human resource department, other companies simply use sample tests from old international language tests.