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Waiting Time for an Unabridged Birth certificate



Waiting Time For An Unabridged Birth Certificate

Since the new immigration law has been active, more and more people are applying for their children’s unabridged birth certificates. The Department of Home Affairs is providing the services for the people to get their children’s unabridged birth certificates. The duration of the process given by the Department of Home Affairs is 6 to 8 weeks. It might take longer than usual, if the number of applications is overwhelming for the department.

When Do The Waiting Time Starts

Applying for an unabridged birth certificate starts with the application form. In the late registrations, there are certain additional requirements that need to be fulfilled before submitting the application to the DHA office. After the successful submission of the application form with the fees and documents, the waiting time starts, this is usually from six to eight weeks.

Why Does It Take Longer Than Usual?

The first and foremost reason of delay by the DHA office is the overload of applications. As children who were born before March 2013, were issued abridged certificates on their birth registration. And their parents now require their unabridged certificate for traveling purposes. There are more applications than the daily processing capacity.

The second and perhaps the most common reason, is not consulting with an agent. An agent can provide professional advice and the best guidance in immigration procedures.For more details please visit unabridged birth certificates

The Inconvenience People Faced

People who have processed their applications on their own have shared their experiences on the internet. In most of the cases, people face the trouble of unresponsive waiting, which means that they keep calling the DHA office to inquire about their application. But the concerned personnel never respond back. It is due to these reasons that people have waited for months and in some cases even for a year, and the worst part is that they still couldn’t get their children’s unabridged certificate.

What Should The Applicants Do?

To get the unabridged birth certificate in a less and convenient time, a certified agent must be consulted. Their expertise could save all the trouble of the long waiting. It is highly advisable to choose an agent after ensuring his credibility. Only certified and professionally experienced agents can provide the best solution for their clients. They understand the value of your time and what you could face in an event of delay. Therefor they utilize their professional skills and provide their services in order to get you the unabridged birth certificate on time.