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British Passport renewal forms

British Passport Renewal Forms

If you’re a British National, living abroad, and your passport needs renewal, the most important document that you have to submit, is the application form. According to surveys, 1 in 8 applications is rejected due to the incompletion of the forms. However, the forms may vary depending on the age of the applicant.

C1 Forms

These forms are issued for:

Person who is aged 16 or older, and

A UK Citizen applying from overseas, or

A British Overseas Territories Citizen, or

A British Overseas Citizen or

 A British Protected Person.

The C1 form clearly describes the eligibility for renewing a British passport at the beginning of the form, it consists of 9 sections.

Information Required

The form requires full details about the applicant and in order to avoid any kind of inconvenience, it is better to avail the services of a professional agent. The form has different sections, and for each section, a different set of guidance.

Section 1

This section has two portions; A requires personal information about the applicant, such as full name, email address, postal address, contact number, year and place of birth etc.

And B requires information about the nationality type of the applicant.

Section 2

This section requires information about the parents of the applicant, which include their date of births, place of births, place of marriage etc.

Section 3

Section three involves the question about the marital status of the applicant. Section A is for female applicants and section b is for male applicants. Both the sections also require basic information about the partner of the applicant, in the case of marriage.

Section 4

This section asks about the existence of any previous passports or travel documents, if issued before, and their numbers.

Section 5

Section 5 requires the information about a stolen or missing passport. In the case of a stolen or missing passport, an additional LS01 form.

To know more about LS01 forms, seek assistance at British Passport Renewals

Section 6

Section six is for emergency contact. The applicant must provide two contacts and their personal information such as phone numbers and postal address. In case the applicant has an accident, these relatives or friends can be contacted.

Section 7

Section seven is for any kind of information which the applicant wants to share with Her Majesty’s office.

Section 8

Section eight is the section of the undertaking.

Section 9

Section nine is for countersignature.

C2 Forms

If the person applying for a new British passport is under the age of 16, the C2 form will be issued for him/her.

The eligibility criteria is same as that of C1

The information required on the C2 form is same as C1 except for the section about marital status.

Support Documents

The previous passport or travelling document should be attached with the renewal application form. There might be other documents required as well, depending upon the information provided.


The entire process of renewal depends upon providing the right information and support documents without any mistake. It is better not to take a risk and avail the services of an agent.