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The British High Commission in Pretoria

The British High Commission In Pretoria

If you’re a British National in South Africa and you need assistance of any kind. Well, the least you need to do is Panic. The British High Commission in Pretoria manages the relationships between South Africa and UK. They have extensive coverage for Lesotho and Swaziland. The British high commission also provides assistance to Consulate General Cape Town.

The British High Commission South Africa takes care of The British Nationals in South Africa.

The staff provides services for them according to a given criteria. They deal with the situation

by assessing the person’s vulnerability and their problem. To reach out to their office, the

services of a professional agent must be availed. Not only will he help you get connected with

the British High Commission, but will also educate you about their services such as:

Emergency Services

In case of any kind of emergency, The British High Commission provides full care and assistance to the British Nationals. If a British National faces an assault, either physical or sexual, help will be provided. British Nationals can also report a crime, if they have been victimized in any way.

If they suffer from any kind of disease or are in hospital due to any reason, the most appropriate help will be given.

If a British National has an expired passport or their passport is stolen or missing, and the renewal is still in process, an emergency travelling document will be issued by the High Commission to help them in travelling conveniently. These services can be provided to those who previously had a British passport and are 16 years old or above, or applying for a child under 16 years.

For matters like travelling, assistance will be provided.

Miscellaneous Help

Although they can’t provide legal assistance but they can provide details about local English speaking lawyers.

They can also provide details about Doctors and interpreters.

They can also provide details about other organizations, which are able to assist and support where they can’t.

They can also contact the family and friends of the British nationals if they ask for their help.

Information about transferring of funds can also be acquired from the British High commission.

Documentation Help

They can provide help in case of birth or death registration. They can also help in marriage and civil partnership documentation. They guide them in an appropriate way to make sure they get the best solution for their documentation processes.

Bereavement Support

If a British National dies in South Africa, and their relatives need help, they can contact the British High Commission. Help and support will be provided. They also have a “guidance on bereavement Support” section on their website.

Extraordinary circumstances

In any kind of terrorism, civil disruption or natural disaster, the British High Commission can make special arrangements for the protection and safety of the British Nationals.

Although the criterion is not mentioned, yet they will determine what needs to be done in the best interest of the British Nationals.


The contact numbers are available on the British High Commission Pretoria’s Website. They also have contact numbers of Cape Town Consulate General and Durban Consulate Office.

The British High Commission also provides information on social, political and corporate relations between The UK and South Africa.

They also have the information and contact numbers for Johannesburg Trade and Investment between the UK and South Africa, and Durban Trade and Investment between the UK and South Africa.