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How to renew a British Passport

How To Renew A British Passport

For British Nationals residing abroad, renewing a passport could seem complicated. But it’s very simple and easy, and can be done online or by Passport Check And Send Services. But before getting started, they must get complete information about the procedure. There are two ways to renew a British passport:

Online services

Before You Begin

For the online renewal process, a few things might be considered first. The applicant would have to pay for the new passport online, and therefore require a visa or debit card with international acceptance.

Applying online

After applying for the renewal on the official website of the UK Government, the application form for the renewal of the passport is filled. The Application form should be filled with great care, seek assistance from the website.

How To Submit

The application form should then be printed and signed by the applicant. The fees must be paid on the line. The fees of the passports may vary depending on their type.

The supporting documents required and two identical new photographs must be attached with the application form, and posted to Her Majesty’s passport office in the UK.

There might be an interview call for the applicant.

How Long It Usually Takes

An adult passport normally takes six weeks to process after the approval of Her Majesty’s office; however it might take longer than usual if:

The documentation provided by the applicant is incomplete, inappropriate or untrue, or

The photos have been rejected.

Delivery Of The New Passport

The New passport will be delivered back to the applicant on the given address by courier.

Check And Send Service

To apply for a new passport, this service can also be used.

How To Apply

To avail these services, the selected post office must be approached. The applicant must take the filled application form with the supporting documents to the post office.

Submission Of The Forms

The post office will make sure that the application form is filled in correctly with all the specifications and requirements.

Afterwards they deliver the completed documents by special delivery to Her Majesty’s office.

How Long Does It Take?

Using Check And Send Service is faster than applying online. There still can be an interview call for the applicant or their countersignatory.


The fees are paid cash or by card in the Check And Send Service. The fees may vary depending upon the type of the passport.

Getting The New Passport

The new passport is delivered back by the special delivery.

Precautionary Measures

In any of the above mentioned ways, it is better for the applicant to get proper guidance from a reliable source

 In order to avoid any kind of inconvenience and delay, guidance should be followed.