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British Passport Renewal South Africa


British Passport Renewals South Africa

Immigration laws can be complicated at times. That is why a proper consultation and procedure is required to complete the traveling documentation. A passport is the basic necessity to travel abroad. The renewal of passports from overseas can be a difficult task. British passport renewals from South Africa can be done online from home or workplace.

A British passport cannot be renewed without the approval of her majesty’s office. All British citizens outside of the UK follow the same procedure.

The renewal of a British passport can take place through the official website of the UK government.

It is highly advisable to seek out assistance from a knowledgeable agent to renew your UK Passport

How To Start?

On the British Government Official Website, choose the renewal process for your passport. A few questions will be asked about your passport and your age. After that you will be asked to fill an online form and send it with the required information and documentation. After the application form is filled, the application fee must be made online, please ensure that your credit card has been approved for international purchases by your bank. Important to note is the additional fees levied by the bank for an international credit card usage and the currency exchange fee.

How Long Does It Take?

Usually after the application request is received by Her Majesty’s passport office, it takes four to six weeks to process There might be an interview call for you

Your application might take longer than usual if:

Her Majesty’s passport office requires more information or documentation from your side.

Your photographs might be rejected so please ensure that you follow the specifications strictly.

It is advised by Her Majesty’s passport Office, not to plan any traveling during the process. But if necessary, an emergency traveling document must be applied for.


The fee for passport renewal that you’ll have to pay varies, depending upon the kind of the Passport.

The fee for an adult standard 32 pages passport  is 102.86 Pounds

The fee for an adult Jumbo passport 48 pages passport is 110.86 Pounds.

How Can I Apply?

You can apply your passport online.

What you require is

Your current passport

Your two recent photographs

Proof of name and address

Safety Measures

Get the guidance from the website to fill the online application form. Check for the documentation required, print and sign your application and send it to Her Majesty’s passport office for further processing. In case of any missing documents, six weeks will be given to complete them. If you fail to respond in the given time, your application will be canceled and the fees won’t be refunded. Again it is advisable to seek out assistance.visit at british passport renewals page.

Getting The New Passport

Your new passport and other documents will be delivered to you by the courier to your given address.


The contact number is given on the UK government official website. You can call them to get any information regarding your application or delay, and the assistance will be provided.