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Unabridged Birth Certificate Application Form

Unabridged Birth Certificate Application Form

The Department of Home Affairs issues form BI-154 for the birth certificate application. This form is the basic requirement for all kinds of birth certificates. There are three kinds of birth certificates in South Africa, and all these can be acquired through the same form. A vault copy or a certified copy of the birth certificate can also be acquired by form BI-154. The certificates are:

Abridged birth certificate

Unabridged birth certificate

Hand written abridged certificate

Certified copy of the birth certificate/ Vault copy

Requirements For The Application Form

There is certain criterion for filling the application form and its submission.

Only South African citizens, both by birth or by residence, both temporarily and permanently, can apply and submit the application form for their children’s unabridged birth certificate.

The South African citizens residing outside the Republic can apply and submit the application form to their nearest South African Embassy.

The form must be filled in black ink only.

The required fees must be paid before submitting the form.

After the completion of the form, it must be handed to the Department Of home Affairs, with the receipt of the fees paid.

Particulars Of The Form

Before filling the particulars of the form, the reason for the application must be stated at the top.

The next step is to select the kind of birth certificate the applicant is applying for.

The first box is for the details of the person whose birth certificate is applied for.

Since it’s important to put the right details in the right places, it’s highly advisable to seek assistance at unabridged birth certificates

The next box is for the details of the father of the person concerned.

The third box is for the details of the mother of the person concerned.

The fourth Box is for the details of the applicant, including the phone numbers.

All these details must be placed before the submission of the form.

Be Careful

For those who are applying for unabridged birth certificates with late registration, it is worth looking into the additional requirements. There are three different categories of late registrations and they all have additional requirements such as birth notice, birth proof and other affidavits. All these rules and regulations must be followed as per instructed by the Department Of Home Affairs South Africa.

To complete these forms with all the additional requirements, the expertise of a certified professional expert must be utilized.