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1st time applications for a UK Passport


First Time Application For UK Passport

To apply for a British Passport for the first time from oversees, there are certain conditions and requirements that need to be fulfilled. For the first time application, professional assistance is essential. An agent, who has the proper knowledge of all the process and the documentation involved, can help in the most appropriate way.

Who Can Apply?

According to the official website of the UK government, any person who wants to apply for the British Passport for the first time must be a British Citizen.

They have also described the types of British Nationality.

  1. British Citizen

  2. British Citizen Overseas

  3. British Overseas Territories Citizen

  4. British Subject

  5. British National (Overseas)

  6. British Protected Person

To understand the criteria associated with the certificates and documentations, it is better to consult an agent.

A person who meets the criteria of a British Citizen, who is aged 16 or above, never had a child passport, is eligible to apply for a first time adult passport.

In the case of a first time child passport, same rules apply except the age, which should be under 16.

How To Apply

The application for a first time British Passport can be processed online. The official Website of The UK Government asks some questions about the age and the country where the applicant was born.

An online form will be provided for the request for a new passport.

What Is Required?

To fill the application form, the applicant must have complete information about:

Passport numbers, dates and places of birth of both parents

In a few cases, details of grandparents

2 identical recent photos for both adult and child passports


The fees for the passports are as follows:

The fee for passport renewal that you’ll have to pay varies, depending upon the kind of the Passport.

The fee for an adult standard 32 pages passportis 102.86 Pounds

The fee for an adult Jumbo passport 48 pages passport is 110.86 Pounds.

Submission Of The Application

After the online application form is filled, it must be printed and signed. The fees must be paid online through a bank card viable to make purchases internationally. The form must be submitted to Her Majesty’s Office via courier services. The courier will deliver the passport back to you on the given address.

In the meantime if you have to travel abroad, a traveling document must be applied for.

How Long Will It Take?

In most cases, it takes six weeks to complete the process after the application reaches Her Majesty’s Office.

The applicant might receive an interview call.

It can take longer than usual if:

The documentation was incomplete or inappropriate and Her Majesty’s Office asks for them again.

The photos were rejected. For supporting documents, it is highly advisable to seek assistance from an experienced agent, in order to avoid any kind of inconvenience.


The contact numbers are provided on the website to get information regarding the new passport.